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first_imgFARMINGDALE — The Ice-Lantics Synchronized Skating Team is heading to Montreal on Sunday to work with world renowned figure skating choreographer Benoit Venne. The newly reorganized Ice-Lantics, New Jersey’s premier synchronized skating organization, has bolstered its ranks from towns throughout New Jersey, Pennsylvania and New York to boast a roster of 65 skaters. Skaters on the junior-, intermediate-, juvenile- and preliminary-level teams and the Tiny Tot exhibition team hail from the Jersey Shore area as well as Middlesex, Morris, Essex, Sussex, Union and Passaic counties, Staten Island, N.Y., and eastern Pennsylvania towns. Wall Sports Arena is the organization’s home rink. Synchronized skating, a fast-paced, high-speed sport in which skaters weave intricate footwork, daring moves and choreographed maneuvers set to music, is judged on accuracy, synchronization, fluency and agility. Synchronized skating will be featured in the 2006 Olympic Winter Games. The 40 Ice-Lantics junior- and intermediate-level athletes have been conditioning since the teams — under the direction of Skating Director Lynne Leger and Coaching Consultant Konstantin Kaplan — reorganized with new skaters and additional team levels in April. On-ice and off-ice sessions have helped prime the figure skating athletes for their intensive figure skating “boot camp” with Coach Venne at Montreal’s Olympics Arena. Venne, coach of the 2003 and 2004 Canadian Synchronized Skating Champions, has led Canada’s Les Supremes to a 2003 World Bronze title. Benoit has 19 years of synchronized skating coaching experience, seven of which have been with Les Supremes. “This is a unique opportunity for the Ice-Lantics, since Benoit is very selective in the teams he choreographs for,” said Leger. Together with Kaplan, Leger is hoping to again lead the Ice-Lantics junior, intermediate and juvenile teams to a national title. The Ice-Lantics intermediate-level team qualified as a finalist — as one of the top four teams — in past Eastern Regional Synchronized Skating Championships, thus earning an opportunity to compete at the National Synchronized Skating Championships. The younger teams competed successfully at various levels in past years at the Eastern Regional Synchronized Skating Championships. Skaters achieved these results while maintaining academic excellence, fundraising for the team and committing to 6 a.m. weekend practices due to limited availability of ice time and finances. The Ice-Lantics Synchronized Skating Team, a nonprofit organization, was established in the spring of 1996 with 12 skaters to become one of the premier teams in the United States. The Ice-Lantics skaters are: Tiny Tots: Jennifer deBeus of Colts Neck and Jillian Haggerty of Lakewood. Preliminary team members are: Amber Arnouil and Samantha Lopez, both of Jackson, and Sara Pearson of Farmingdale. Juvenile: Christine Aiello of Howell; Danielle Allgor of Point Pleasant Beach; Tatiana Antczak, Isabella Smith and Nichole Tatte, all of Bayonne; Becky Burlak of Matawan; Amanda Collins, Alexandra Rosen and Jessica Torregrossa, of Freehold; Jaclene Forlano of Englishtown; India Lewis of Flemington; Kaitlin O’Rourke of Basking Ridge; Vincenza Rego of Long Branch; Alexandra Scarpulla of Manalapan; Brianna Shane of Staten Island; Eleanor Vapheas of Holmdel; and Jessica Weltz of Elberon. Intermediate: Kelly Graham of Bayonne; Dana Grant of South Orange; Aniella Hering and Noelle Norris, of Lincroft; Marlaina Kedersha and Cristina Trecate, of Wall Township; Cassie Kenny of Mountain Lakes; Lauren Knapp of Staten Island; Danielle Landis of Manalapan; Jennifer Miseo of Kenvil; Mary Parks of Shrewsbury; Angelina Santore of Millington; Elana Stern of Livingston; and Alyssa Stor of Leonardo. Junior: Alison Barofsky of Manalapan; Jamie Betts of Wall Township; Emily Bilat of Toms River; Elisabeth deBeus of Colts Neck; Heather DeSimone of Farmingdale; Caitlin Dorry and Sara Giventer, of Freehold; Polina Ikonsky of Staten Island; Jenna Kaufman-Ross of Marlboro; Alissa Kurtz of Lititz, Pa.; Christina Lee of West Orange; Christina Liang of Short Hills; Alyssa Mark of Fair Lawn; Samantha McQueen of Jackson; Kailtyn Oujo of Brick; Amanda Robertson of Belford; Valerie Rodd of Toms River; Alexandra Scerbak of Clifton; Catherine Schiefer of Langhorne, Pa.; Jenna Smith of Madison; Alexis VanAuken of Wood Ridge; and Rebeca Young of Matawan.last_img read more

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first_imgThe Albion Community Centre Ground will definitely come alive on Saturday, June 22 when Little Angels Feeding Programme hosts its fundraiser in the form of a chutney concert. The event titled “Chutney Blast” will feature some of the best local artistes around.The line-up includes Mona Singh, Vicadi Singh, Nishal B, AW Lyrical, HD Singh, Mr V, Michael, Ganesh, and others to be added. Also performing at the event will be Jenny Dance Troup and the B3 Dance Group.Apart from the live musical performances, there will be lots of other entertainment since Leza Singh, also called Radika, will be in the house as well as Chris Gopaul and Sean Thompson. Tickets for the event cost $500 and will be available at the gate on the night of the show.All proceeds will go towards the feeding programme. The show will commence at 20:00h. Music, stage and lighting will be provided by Crown Vibes. The event is made possible by Office Express, Crown Vibes, Little Angels, Poonai Pharmacy and Balram Shan General Store.last_img read more

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first_imgThe current anxieties about the Granger Administration have much to do with the real fear that Guyana is undergoing a return to People’s National Congress (PNC) excesses. For those of us who lived through the Burnham era, the signs are clear as the country’s economy grinds to a halt, and as we watch the return of institutionalised racism, State corruption, cronyism and nepotism, and worry over the scarcity of the US dollar.Unfortunately, we have been here before and when the PNC/Alliance For Change (AFC) coalition was drumming its elections campaign message about forgetting the past, I and others pointed out the inherent dangers in that message: that it was ominous and signalled an intent to return the country to that inglorious period of Guyanese history when the PNC was last in power.Commercial business in the city has fallen off about 30 to 50 per cent. Business is down even from January which is usually the slowest month for sales after the year-end holiday spending.With sugar and rice, the traditional export earners, attracting no Government support to keep them viable until there is restructuring to replace any revenue loss, there is real concern about the growing number of taxes that are being designed to make taxation the country’s main revenue earner.Winston Churchill said, “We contend that for a nation to try to tax itself into prosperity is like a man standing in a bucket and trying to lift himself up by the handle.” Just so.Every good government tries to lower the burden of taxation on its citizens. They accomplish this by crafting policies to spur manufacturing and industry through tax incentives and tax holidays, and by attracting new investments that would create employment and expand the country’s home-based and export portfolios.What currently obtains is the direct opposite. A shrinking business and manufacturing sector will result in retrenchment of workers, less spending power, higher crime, less imports, less duties collected, and the beginning of a vicious cycle that will result in progressive economic retardation.Oil revenue earnings are years away. And why, when the country can be a food producer and a value-added manufacturer if provided with cheap energy or subsidised power and tax incentives, would any Government forgo present certainties for a future probability?What happens to Guyana and all its potential while we wait on the oil to gush? Or is the squeeze on rice, sugar and the business sector informed by more sinister motives?Because of the Granger Government’s serial corruptions and financial mismanagement, it is not surprising that opinion polls project a win for the People’s Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C) at the 2020 general elections.Understandably, many balk at this idea given the PPP/C’s own alleged corruptions and highhanded manner of doing the people’s business while in office. However, another round of PPP Administration might well be faced with an electorate that is now willing to coalesce across ethnic and party lines on issues that affect them.The protests against the city parking meters, the Wales Estate closure and Value Added Tax (VAT) on private school fees have attracted supporters from every race, class and political group who have united in peaceful demonstrations for a common cause.This is a marked change from the Burnham era when any dissent was met with State-sponsored thuggery, terror and violence. But the young people who went out to “vote like a boss” and to forget a past they never experienced are still managing to get a first-hand taste of that period.President David Granger is doing enough – the militarisation of the State; the ethnic cleansing of the public service; the economic mismanagement – to place the PNC stamp of identity on the country’s governance and peaceful protests that do not threaten the power base actually puts a kindly, indulgent face on his Administration even as responsible, lawful and accountable Government is steadily eroded away.Still, in a country where criticism and dissent have almost always translated into violence and feral blasts, the indulgence is a welcome departure as new methods of keeping Government honest are tested. The issues being currently protested are legitimate and not based on spurious political claims as happened during the PPP/C Administration when public protests were mostly PNC-led and scarred by ethnic violence and arson.Whether this new brand of protest action will be sustained and can develop into an effective tool to deter unjust public policies and actions in a truly non-partisan and democratic manner will be the true test of the support for issue-based politics.The PPP, if it expects to be the next elected Government, should take note and be prepared to be held just as accountable.last_img read more

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first_imgDear Editor,I wish to firstly state that GTT has, for many decades, been a noted partner in the area of communication in this country. Following its takeover from what was called the Guyana Telecommunications Company, mighty works have been done to bring our communication sector into the 21st century.This company has been an excellent corporate citizen, and we have reached, in telecommunication, standards which include dedicated IP services – integral for business and personal communication; dedicated Internet service (DIA), which gives more speed and greater efficiency despite periodic difficulties; business DSL; international private leased circuit (IPLC); GTT business; PBX services, and much more.It is a real shame that as soon as GTT informed the nation and went on a campaign to promote its upgrades on faster and cheaper Internet services, not long after did sabotage occur on its fibre optic cables, which has, by Public Telecommunication Minister Kathy Hughes, been termed ‘a breach of national security’.This was obviously done by (an ‘entity’ or individuals) with expertise in the field. These cases are not isolated to Guyana, or even the Caribbean territory, since much of this has happened in Europe and North America.This even happened several times in Atlantic Gardens, where I live, and it was not just an attempt to steal copper wires, but it was sabotage.The continuous damage to GTT’s cables speaks volumes. I wish to compliment GTT once again for the job it has done as a corporate citizen; the opportunities it has provided for employment of thousands; its contributions to sports, educational facilities, health and infrastructural development. It is my hope that the Police would seriously investigate this matter, and the company allegedly involved would be exposed. The sabotage of GTT is actually a sabotage of our country. It goes against the fabric of what we stand for, and the decency and honour by which we abide.My heart goes out to GTT.Yours sincerely,Roshan KhanCEO/Chairman/FounderRK’s Guyana SecurityServiceslast_img read more

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first_imgHeads of Government of the Caribbean Community (Caricom) will meet in Guyana for their 37th Regular Meeting on 4-6 July, 2016, and as expected some of the most pressing issues currently affecting the Region will take centre stage.As stated by Caricom, in the search for opportunities and regional solutions to challenges, the Meeting will advance matters pertaining to regional security – economic and otherwise; and the social wellbeing of the approximately 16 million people who make up the Caribbean Community.Certainly, issues relating to the number of threats the Region continues to face in relation to its financial and economic stability will dominate the discussions; chief among these are the threats posed by international banks limiting or terminating their relationships with regional financial institutions, and the yet to be determined implications of the British decision to leave the European Union (EU), a key partner in the Community’s development.As it relates to Brexit, some experts have already warned of the potential negative effects this latest development could have on the Region’s economies; and stakeholders will be anxiously waiting to see how the regional grouping will tackle the issue. For example, what policy decisions leaders will make that will seek to ensure that the impact on the region’s economies are minimised as far as possible.Already we are seeing concerns being raised, ranging from a potential drop in arrivals in tourist dependent Member States such as Saint Lucia and Barbados where the UK is a major source market, to a decrease in development assistance and possible effects on trade agreements the Region has with the EU.Only a few days ago, at a University of the West Indies (UWI) forum organised to discuss the impact of Brexit, Vice Chancellor Sir Hilary Beckles offered some useful recommendations that Carciom leaders could explore during their two-day meeting here. Beckles underscored the need for Caricom to move as a matter of urgency to reinvent the scenario post emancipation, which saw Caribbean indigenous people networking freely across the region. He suggested that a Task Force be set up immediately, with the involvement of UWI, to research, monitor and report on the weekly developments that will take place over the next two years. For him, it is necessary that leaders in government and the private sector have access to factual, detailed information on an ongoing basis in order to guide their thinking and decisions.Additionally, he recommended that Caricom set up a Regional Research and Development Fund in order to facilitate innovation within the private sector that is required to strengthen entrepreneurship. He noted that the regional economy is at a stage where it can only compete at the level of innovation, and it is failing to do so because of inadequate research and development within production.He argued that the region: “Must also strengthen the conversation around and renegotiate the various agreements that can strengthen and expand the CARIFORUM (EU Economic Partnership Agreement), including pacts negotiated by the African Caribbean and Pacific States (ACP) which the Caribbean has not taken full advantage of over several years and the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC).”Another pressing issue that will no doubt engage the leaders relates to the challenges confronting the Region as a result of de-risking. According to Caricom, the de-risking scenario is that it is unfair, and the predictions about its impact on the Region are dire.Experts have concluded that transfers of remittances, cheque payments, international trade and the facilitation of credit card settlements for local clients are among the areas that have been affected by de-risking. The Caribbean Development Bank (CDB) quoted a November World Bank survey as saying that about 75 per cent of international banks have experienced a reduction in correspondent banking services with the Caribbean being the worst affected.While we are fully aware that these are all complex issues and there are certainly no easy fixes, it would be reasonable to expect regional heads to consider seriously the views and recommendations of the various partners and stakeholders and take the bold decisions which are crucial to resolve them.This is certainly a time when the Region’s leadership will be tested.last_img read more

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first_imgDear Editor,President David Granger’s flagrant disregard for the previously submitted list of nominees for Chairman of the Guyana Election Commission (GECOM) from the Leader of the Opposition is in actuality a deliberate procrastination to name the new Chairman of GECOM. As a consequence, the electoral system is moving further and further into dangerous waters, and the impact of this would be far-reaching.The recently conducted ninth continuous registration exercise comes up for scrutiny, since it is a cycle being conducted without the Chairman of GECOM being in place. Further, there have been serious complaints regarding the significant wasting of money spent during the period, in addition to the outcry from members of the public who have complained bitterly about the attitude of some of the GECOM staff. The humongous costs incurred for the exercise stands out for reasons associated with the paucity of information released.It is also notable that, after the continuous registration, the claims and objections period was supposed to flow almost automatically. However, that was not the case on this occasion. GECOM commenced the claims exercise earlier this week, and it appears as though the objections exercise will commence after two weeks. These expensive exercises by GECOM are normally to be followed by elections. In essence, justification must be demanded for conducting the ninth cycle at this time when there are no pending elections, given the fact that this exercise would have to be repeated before any new elections.In the absence of a functioning GECOM, it is clear that the GECOM Secretariat cannot hold any elections. Hence the numerous vacancies and issues in the Local Authority Areas are causing serious problems for the smooth running of the Local Authorities.Further, there are many constituencies that need to have by-elections in order to complete the 2015 Local Government Elections. However, after the sound thrashing that The Coalition APNU/AFC received at the March 2016 Local Government Elections, they are doing everything to frustrate the smooth running of the NDCs.The Local Government Areas are experiencing serious difficulties, and Guyanese are rightfully blaming the Government. The Eccles NDC has complained bitterly about the construction of a bridge in the Nandy Park /Eccles area which, because of its preferred specifications and associated costs, falls to have been awarded under the Regional Democratic Council. The RDC, having usurped the functions of the NDCs in this respect, awarded the contract to one of their cronies. Months beyond the passage of the expected project delivery time, the bridge has still not been built.Further, the 2016 budget has provided for the construction of one health centre in the NDC area, and this is yet to materialise. It is sad to know that, after two years, the residents are still awaiting the construction of the Health Centre.After the 2nd phase of the 9th cycle of continuous registration concludes through the completion of the claims and objections exercise, the Guyana Elections Commission would not have the authority to embark on any other cycle of registration unless the Commission is in place. This could happen only if and when the Chairman of the Guyana Elections Commission has been appointed.So come May 2017, should the Commission not be in place, then the entire machinery of the Guyana Elections Commission would be shut down, and the only function of the Elections Commission would be that of identification cards’ distribution at all the permanent centres. The GECOM Secretariat would have no other mandate, but they have indicated the period would also be used to conduct staff training. The appropriate question therefore is: Staff training for what?Appoint the Chairman from the list that would be submitted by Opposition Leader Bharrat Jagdeo. Appoint the local Government Commission now!Sincerely,Neil Kumarlast_img read more

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first_img…claims Police targeting himSerial offender Shemar Lewis was on Monday fined $10,000 for carrying in excess of the amount of passengers allowed to travel in a minibus.Lewis appeared at the Vreed-en-Hoop Magistrate’s Court to answer allegations that, on July 22, minibus BWW 1096 carried seven more passengers that what was permitted. The accused pleaded guilty to his latest offence, and presiding Magistrate Chirstel Lambert warned him that his conductor’s licence would be suspended for one year if he were to be arraigned again before her.In his defence, Lewis claimed he had picked up just “some little kids” moments after passing a police station, but Magistrate Lambert maintained that his action was against the law.The court also heard that the police rank who charged the accused had done so on many prior occasions. This spurred Lewis to suggest that his multiple charges and court appearances have come as a result of being targeted.“My Worship, this is a personal problem…police always hiding under shed, trying to get me,” the minibus conductor told the court.The accused was advised to make a formal complaint against those whom he feels are targeting him. The conductor was order to pay his fine or spend two weeks in jail on default of payment.last_img read more

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first_img0Shares0000England fly-half Danny Cipriani could still salvage his international career © AFP / RODGER BOSCHLONDON, United Kingdom, Sep 5 – England boss Eddie Jones has told Danny Cipriani that the troubled Gloucester star can still rescue his international career.Cipriani made his first England start for a decade in South Africa earlier this year. But the fly-half was fined Sh260,000 (£2,000) after admitting charges of common assault and resisting arrest during his club’s pre-season tour of Jersey.Cipriani was also sanctioned by the Rugby Football Union.Yet Jones insists the controversial player’s latest off-field misdemeanour has not fatally damaged his chances.“We never close the door on anyone. Everyone makes mistakes. He was very contrite afterwards, realised he’s done the wrong thing and we move on from that now,” Jones told reporters on Wednesday.“I think it’s been dealt with. He was punished by his club, punished by whatever happened with the RFU. He’s now back playing and we’ll look at him in terms of how well he plays.“In South Africa, he worked well and again at the August camp, he worked well and if he gets an opportunity at the September camp, he’ll have another opportunity to work well.”Sale winger Chris Ashton could also make that training camp even though he cannot play for seven weeks after being banned following his red card for a tip tackle in a pre-season friendly against Castres.The latest disciplinary ban came just weeks after he was recalled to the England set-up four years since his last appearance.Asked if he was concerned by the suspension, Jones said: “I think you’re always concerned when players are not playing. Getting selected is about playing and showing that you can play well for England.“But having seen the incident, I thought it was a difficult situation. We want him to come back and we want him to play well, so I’m just looking forward to him playing well for Sale.“I’ve only had Ashton for three days and he was absolutely fantastic, a good, hard worker. Everything that people told me about him was true. I couldn’t have been more pleased with him at the camp.”0Shares0000(Visited 1 times, 1 visits today)last_img read more

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first_imgNapoli are ready to reignite their interest in Arsenal and Manchester United target Davy Klaassen, according to reports in Italy.The 24-year-old Ajax captain, who has been dubbed the new Dennis Bergkamp, has impressed in Holland this season.Napoli have been keeping close tabs on him throughout the whole campaign after trying and failing to sign him last summer.That, however, has not put the Italian side off and – according to Calciomercato – they will return with a renewed approach for him at the end of the season.Indeed Napoli’s director of sport, Cristiano Giuntoli, is reportedly due to fly to Amsterdam before the end of March in the hope a deal can be thrashed out.Arsenal and Manchester United, meanwhile, are long-term admirers of Klaassen and Napoli’s attempts to snap him up is likely to spring them into action. The Ajax captain is wanted by Napoli 1last_img read more

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first_imgJose Mourinho hailed Romelu Lukaku after his superb double against West Ham but insisted Manchester United’s record signing was under no pressure to score goals.The £75million summer buy from Everton hit the ground running at Old Trafford with a goal in each half as United thrashed the Hammers 4-0 in their Premier League opener.Coming after a strike against Real Madrid in the European Super Cup last Tuesday, Lukaku has immediately started to pay off his sizeable fee but Mourinho will not simply judge the player on goals.Mourinho said: “He is playing well, he is working hard. He likes the team and the team likes him.“Any striker can play phenomenally hard but if he doesn’t score goals the pressure is on them, so good for him, good for Wayne Rooney, (Alexandre) Lacazette, Morata – good for all the strikers arriving in new clubs and scoring in the first days. It is always oxygen, happiness and confidence for them.“But Romelu knows me well. He knows sometimes strikers can play very well for the team without scoring goals. He knows from me there is no pressure at all. But today he was good, very effective.”Lukaku himself relished the occasion.“To play in front of such a crowd and for such a great club, it’s a dream come true,” the Belgian told Sky Sports. “The most important thing is the win – the win was good.”Lukaku set United on the way to a convincing victory with the opening goal after 33 minutes and headed a second early in the second half. The hosts spurned several chances to increase their lead before Anthony Martial and Paul Pogba finally put a realistic slant on the scoreline in the latter stages.But while Lukaku grabbed the main headlines, the platform was laid by another new signing, Nemanja Matic.The former Chelsea midfielder was outstanding throughout and Mourinho admitted he was surprised his former club allowed him to leave.Mourinho said: “I brought him to Stamford Bridge because I thought he was a player with special qualities and since I left I always thought he could be a perfect player for us.“I never thought it was possible unless something special was happening and it looks like something special was happening because his agent told me, ‘You can have him, you just have to pay’.“We have him and we are very happy because (he) is a player this team needs.”United’s performance was brimming with confidence and lent some justification to the pre-season optimism around the club.But Mourinho said: “Last season we were also top of the league after the first match and we finished sixth, so this means nothing.“The fans have reasons to be optimistic but, for me, with years and years of experience and years and years of experience in the Premier League, my feet are on the ground and I am calm.” 1 The £75million summer buy from Everton hit the ground running at Old Trafford last_img read more