Camas school district names high school principal

first_imgCAMAS — Liza Sejkora will take over as Camas High School principal starting this fall. She is currently the assistant principal at Coronado High School in Scottsdale, Ariz., and has 14 years of experience as a middle, high school and college English Language Arts instructor.“What stands out to me is what we learned when we visited Liza’s current high school: the way staff and students talked about her leadership, how she elevates those around her, how she supports people while holding them accountable,” Superintendent Jeff Snell said in a release from the district. “Teachers remarked on ways she’s helped them grow, her availability and her great sense of humor.”She is replacing Steve Marshall, who will become the director of educational resources in district administration this summer.last_img read more

Plea made for info on missing Vancouver woman

first_imgInvestigators and the family of a Vancouver woman and mother of four who went missing in February still have scant little information to work from, and are pleading for the public’s help.Family members last saw Ashanti A. Conde, 27, on Feb. 19, according to the Vancouver Police Department, which is investigating her disappearance.Conde’s mother, Yolanda Turner, said Conde moved to Vancouver when she was 2, and she has four kids, ages 7, 6, 3 and 4 months.“Ashanti’s a good-hearted person,” Turner said. “She cares about her family. She cares about her kids. She wouldn’t just walk away from them totally like this.”Turner and Michelle Bart, president of the National Women’s Coalition Against Violence and Exploitation, said Conde’s father spotted her around 9 p.m. Feb. 19 near a Shari’s. She refused to come with him, they said, and left.Conde didn’t have a car or a cellphone, and they suspected she was there because she has friends and acquaintances who stay at the nearby Motel 6 near Mill Plain Boulevard and Northeast Chkalov Drive.“There hasn’t been any kind of leads or anything that’s led us to her so far,” Turner said. “We’re all just kind of hoping for a happy ending to this. If nothing else, we’re hoping for closure, if anything.”last_img read more

DeRosier family gives statement ahead of today’s memorial

first_imgFamily members of a slain Cowlitz County sheriff’s deputy made their first public statements Monday, ahead of Wednesday’s memorial service in Portland, which Sheriff Brad Thurman said he expects between 3,000 and 5,000 people to attend.A law enforcement procession for Deputy Justin DeRosier will leave the Cowlitz County Fairgrounds at 10:20 a.m. and is expected to arrive at the Chiles Center in Portland at 11:30 a.m., where the memorial service will take place. Doors open at 11 a.m. and the service starts at 1 p.m. There will be no return procession or graveside service, the sheriff’s office said in a press release.In remarks delivered Monday, DeRosier’s sister Jenna DeRosier said “had (her brother) known that that call was his last, he would have still gone. He was that kind of man.”The DeRosier family’s statements were given as part of a “private thing,” Washington State Patrol Public Information Officer Will Finn said Tuesday, and the family specifically requested which reporter they wanted to cover their remarks, Finn said. The Daily News was not notified what time remarks would be given, so the family’s statement did not appear in Tuesday’s paper.The family Monday gave the following prepared remarks, as recorded by Portland’s KGW-TV, outside the Cowlitz County Hall of Justice:“I lost my brother, and he was my best friend,” Jenna DeRosier said. “My parents lost their son. They loved him so much, and we’re so incredibly proud of him. Katie lost her husband and the love of her life. Their daughter Lily lost her daddy. Words fail to describe that loss. I speak for his wife Katie and daughter Lily when I say there are no words to describe the depth of love he had for them and they for him.”last_img read more

New bed bug infestation at UAF residence halls

first_imgBed bugs have been found at some University of Alaska Fairbanks residences. According to a letter to the UAF issued Wednesday by vice chancellors, bed bugs have been confirmed in several apartments in Harwood Hall, and in single units at Garden Apartments and Hess Village. It’s believed that the bugs were introduced via furniture brought in from off campus. The university has hired an exterminator to treat the affected buildings, and to inspect and potentially preventatively treat other campus housing. The UAF letter said exterminators will inform residents of effected buildings about safety precautions.Listen Nowlast_img read more

Texas Special Education Reform Comes With Mountain Of Mistrust

first_img“It’s really too little, too late. Especially (for) those children who needed early childhood intervention. You can’t get those years back,” said Jill Goolsby of San Antonio.Five years ago, school officials told Goolsby her 3-year-old son Walker didn’t qualify for the free public preschool program for children with disabilities.“I was told he definitely was not autistic because he was able to pretend that blocks were ice cubes. And I was told that a child with autism is not creative and cannot have any imaginative play, which is — that’s not true. But I did not know that at the time,” Goolsby said.According to the Education Department, school districts across Texas delayed testing tens of thousands of kids like Walker, or shunted them to less intensive forms of support to meet TEA’s 8.5 percent benchmark.By the time the benchmark was eliminated last year, advocates said a whole generation had aged out of the system.“As a society, we will pay for them the rest of their lives, if we don’t get them back in the system and educate them,” said Karen Seal, a disability rights attorney in San Antonio. “The ones that are already out, how do we get them back, when there’s no mandate to do that?”Seal thinks the Education Department should have punished Texas for breaking the law.“But the problem with punitive is it’s usually monetary, and the last thing the schools need right now when it comes to special education is to lose money,” Seal said.What the Education Department did, however, is tell TEA to do a better job monitoring school districts, and to make sure the children who were denied services are given the help they’re owed.The department is currently reviewing TEA’s plan to meet those demands. It has three major parts: compensating families, training teachers and amping up the state’s monitoring team.Deputy commissioner of academics Penny Schwinn said the first thing TEA will do is use federal dollars to hire 50 people.“Unlike what Texas has done in the past, we want this monitoring team to be about review and support. So it’s going into districts, working with them as partners, families as partners, students as partners to really look at the compliance components,” Schwinn said.Next school year, the plan calls for districts to begin finding the kids they missed and provide therapy and other compensatory services if they need it.Goolsby welcomes the news, but said it won’t make up for her son Walker not getting help when he needed it. While she was able to get him into a private preschool, and had insurance to help cover therapy, she knows other families weren’t, and aren’t, so lucky.“These kids have had bad years. It’s very hard to send them to an environment where you know they’re struggling and to try to turn around their mental attitude around school and their relationships with their peers,” Goolsby said.CREDIT CAMILLE PHILLIPS | TEXAS PUBLIC RADIOWalker Goolsby, center, plays with Legos after school with his sister Caroline and brother Hayes.Today, Walker is 8 years old and doing well. One of his favorite things to do is build Legos and make up stories about Lego guys.His mother is grateful, but feels for all the kids who’ve missed out on years on intervention.“I mean you can’t undo that. Those are consequences that are just going to be there,” Goolsby said.She and her husband moved their four children across town to be close to a charter school that gives Walker and his younger brother Hayes special education services.With so much to make up for, parents and advocates have mixed reactions to TEA’s special education plan. Their top concern: There won’t be enough money.Kyle Piccola from the disability rights organization The Arc of Texas said the plan’s a big step in the right direction, but he’s worried TEA doesn’t mention anything about how expensive it will be.“In my opinion they’d be able to provide an estimated guess, at the least,” Piccola said.TEA has promised to ask for more money for special education in next year’s state budget, but Piccola said he it will be hard to get lawmakers to agree unless the agency provides an accurate picture of the cost.“I don’t want you to hear that The Arc of Texas is giving a resounding gold star to TEA. Like I said, we are very cautious about moving forward, and we’re going to be keeping a watchful eye,” Piccola said.Disability rights attorney Karen Seal is more skeptical, though. She wants a federal monitor.“TEA, the one that broke the law, they’re saying okay, we know you robbed these kids of this education, now we want you to go in and take care of the problem,” Seal said.TEA’s Penny Schwinn said the state agency is working to regain the trust of parents and advocates.“We understand that there are some serious trust issues in the state related tospecial education, and that one of our responsibilities is to begin to right the ship on our end,” Schwinn said.It’s hard to say how much oversight the Education Department will give TEA as it rolls out special education reform. The department declined multiple requests for an interview.Camille Phillips can be reached at or on Twitter @cmpcamille CAMILLE PHILLIPS | TEXAS PUBLIC RADIOWhen Walker Goolsby was 3, school officials said he wasn’t autistic because he was creative.In 2004, the Texas Education Agency arbitrarily decided the state should shrink special education to 8.5 percent of the student population.After conducting an investigation, the U.S. Department of Education said the effective cap illegally barred tens of thousands of children with disabilities from a free and appropriate education.The state agency is trying to enact reforms to make up for breaking the law, but parents and advocates say it will take a lot to regain their trust. Sharelast_img read more

New theory suggests magnesium could be the key to understanding Earths magnetic

first_img This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only. New study indicates Earth’s inner core was formed 1 – 1.5 billion years ago For many years, scientists have believed that the Earth’s magnetic field is likely generated by energy that is released as the core cools and material solidifies, and radioactive decay—causing churning, the essence of the geodynamo. But, there is a problem with that idea, scientists also believe that the core did not cool enough to form an inner core, until approximately one billion years ago—that begs the questions of what caused the magnetic field to come about before there was sufficient cooling? The research pair with this new effort suggest it has to do with magnesium—they propose that it was introduced to the core during the time when the Earth was being formed, by collisions with other protoplanets, approximately 3.4 to 4.2 billion years ago. They further suggest that magnesium could make up as much as 1 percent of the material in the core, and because magnesium is only soluble in iron at very high temperatures, they believe that it is slowly precipitating out to the boundary between the core and the mantle. That process, the team notes, would leave the iron behind denser, which would cause the release of energy, which they suggest could explain the power source behind the dynamo. Their theory would explain how it is that the magnetic field has been present for so long—it would also suggest that it continues to play at least a part in how the field is generated today—with magnesium possibly driving iron convection from the top part of the core while the release of light elements from the inner core would drive convection from the bottom side.The team used computer models in developing their theory which means experiments will have to be conducted to help bolster their ideas. Two types of chemical convection in Earth’s core. Precipitating a thin layer of magnesium-rich minerals at the top of the core provides as much energy for the magnetic field as forcing silicon and oxygen out of the entire inner core. Credit: Joseph O’Rourke (—A pair of planetary scientists has come up with a new theory to help explain the mechanism behind the generation of the Earth’s magnetic field. In their paper published in the journal Nature, Joseph O’Rourke and David Stevenson, both with the California Institute of Technology, suggest that magnesium that made its way to the core of the planet during its early history could be the key to understanding how the magnetic field was generated in the past and what drives it in the present. Bruce Buffett with the University of California offers a News & Views piece on the work done by the team in the same journal issue. Journal information: Naturecenter_img More information: Joseph G. O’Rourke et al. Powering Earth’s dynamo with magnesium precipitation from the core, Nature (2016). DOI: 10.1038/nature16495AbstractEarth’s global magnetic field arises from vigorous convection within the liquid outer core. Palaeomagnetic evidence reveals that the geodynamo has operated for at least 3.4 billion years, which places constraints on Earth’s formation and evolution. Available power sources in standard models include compositional convection (driven by the solidifying inner core’s expulsion of light elements), thermal convection (from slow cooling), and perhaps heat from the decay of radioactive isotopes. However, recent first-principles calculations and diamond-anvil cell experiments indicate that the thermal conductivity of iron is two or three times larger than typically assumed in these models. This presents a problem: a large increase in the conductive heat flux along the adiabat (due to the higher conductivity of iron) implies that the inner core is young (less than one billion years old), but thermal convection and radiogenic heating alone may not have been able to sustain the geodynamo during earlier epochs. Here we show that the precipitation of magnesium-bearing minerals from the core could have served as an alternative power source. Equilibration at high temperatures in the aftermath of giant impacts allows a small amount of magnesium (one or two weight per cent) to partition into the core while still producing the observed abundances of siderophile elements in the mantle and avoiding an excess of silicon and oxygen in the core. The transport of magnesium as oxide or silicate from the cooling core to underneath the mantle is an order of magnitude more efficient per unit mass as a source of buoyancy than inner-core growth. We therefore conclude that Earth’s dynamo would survive throughout geologic time (from at least 3.4 billion years ago to the present) even if core radiogenic heating were minimal and core cooling were slow. © 2016 Citation: New theory suggests magnesium could be the key to understanding Earth’s magnetic field (2016, January 21) retrieved 18 August 2019 from Explore furtherlast_img read more

Art for hearts sake in Capital

first_imgHere’s a treat for art lovers. Delhi Art Gallery presents the ninth edition of its signature, biannual exhibition Manifestations this summer, with a select collection of seventy-five of the most significant names in modern Indian art, representative of its wide diversity.The exhibition brings together important works of art spanning a wide range of genres, forms, periods and styles. They are grouped by genre: abstract art, figurative art, mythology, narrative, portraiture, still-life and landscapes. Each thematic arrangement features a select collection of artworks that are milestones in Indian modernism, as well as in the development of the artistic language of several of the participating artists. Also Read – ‘Playing Jojo was emotionally exhausting’The exhibition presents a selection of works from the Indian modernist stable, especially the artists of the influential and erstwhile Progressive Artists’ Group, Bombay. It features a figurative work by MF Husain, an early abstract work from 1959 by SH Raza painted in France years before he arrived at the Bindu series he came to be known for and a portrait by FN Souza from his celebrated ‘Heads’ series that capture his unique response to a well-known Christian theme in art, the martyr St. Sebastian. KH Ara features with a rural landscape, SK Bakre with an abstract cityscape and HA Gade participates with a naturescape of a winding river dominated by glowing shades of indigo. Also Read – Leslie doing new comedy special with NetflixAn important highlight of the exhibition is Nandalal Bose’s well-known and luminous watercolour wash work from the 1930s, Untitled (Siva Drinking Poison) and an early representative landscape of Banaras by Ram Kumar. In the portrait section, the exhibition presents an alluring collection of portraits, several from the luminaries of academic painting in India – MV Dhurandhar, Abalall Rahiman, MF Pithawalla and NR Sardesai; a watercolour portrait by Rabindranath Tagore of Kadambari Devi and a wonderful 2003 portrait of a man by Akbar Padamsee in shades of auburn and red-orange that recalls the portraits and colour palette of his earlier decades. The landscape section features a wide range of artworks that represent the ‘typical’ realistic natural landscape, those that are abstract in style and content, as well as those that seem not directly related, such as Gogi Saroj Pal’s ‘human landscape’ of faces. A host of works feature from the ‘mature periods of premier modernists; and the exhibition also showcases works that were landmark in the development of the artist’s individual style. These feature neo-tantra artists such as Sohan Qadri, Biren De and GR Santosh. Manu Parekh and Shanti Dave participate with works in their distinctive artistic styles and techniques, Gieve Patel and Vivan Sundaram feature with large works on contemporary urban life and Dharamnarayan Dasgupta and Sunil Das are showcased through works featuring the Calcutta biwis and babus, and a vivid charcoal sketch of a rampaging bull, respectively. Featured in Manifestations for the first time are artists PS Chander Sheker and Shiavax Chavda. The exhibition is accompanied by a substantial, printed volume featuring colour plates of artworks by the seventy-five participating artists and contributions by some of the well-known art scholars and writers practicing in India today. DETAILWhere: Delhi Art Gallery, Hauz Khas Village When: On till 25 Junelast_img read more

Apple Overtakes Samsung as the Worlds No 1 Smartphone Seller

first_img Apple has stolen Samsung’s crown as the world’s largest smartphone manufacturer, according to a new report from Gartner.The IT market research firm says the Cupertino, Calif. tech titan sold 74.83 million iPhones worldwide in the fourth quarter, narrowly inching past Samsung’s 73.03 million phones sold in the same period. The news marks the first time Apple, fresh off reporting a record-shattering fourth-quarter profit of $18 billion (reportedly the highest ever disclosed by a public company) has snatched the top spot from Samsung in the heated global smartphone sales war since 2011. Apple’s enormously successful September 2014 launch of its large-screened iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus models allowed the company to capture a 20.4 percent market share in the fourth quarter, Gartner reports. Samsung came in a close second, with a 19.9 percent market share, down 10 percent from the same time last year. Related: 5 Things I Learned About Successful Startups From Steve JobsMeanwhile, Beijing-based Lenovo clocked in as the world’s third largest smartphone seller with a 6.6 percent share of the market. Up-and-coming Chinese electronics contenders Huawei and Xiaomi rounded out the pack in fourth and fifth place respectively. But it’s promising 4-year-old upstart Xiaomi, the “Apple of the East,” that might have more to boast about than Apple or Samsung overall, having tripled its sales from a year ago. These vendors, along with others, helped smartphone sales surpass one billion units sold in 2014.While Apple’s smartphone sales are consistently robust in the U.S. and China, Gartner researchers pointed out that the company still has a ways to go in emerging markets.“Apple’s growth in emerging markets really is limited unless they come down-market with a new phone,” Gartner principal research analyst Tuong Nguyen told USA Today, “and they haven’t done that with any product to date.”Nguyen says Samsung’s speciality is “rolling out hard and fast with features that people have shown they want, but at the same time they’re not the kind of company that discovers a secret sauce.”Related: 4 Ways Samsung Says It Will Destroy Apple’s iPhone 6Samsung may not have dibs on a “secret sauce,” per se, but it is gearing up for a large-scale springtime launch of the Galaxy S6 and the S6 Edge, both of which the company unveiled at this week’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.Apple will likely also launch a new product soon: the Apple Watch. On March 9, the company is expected to unveil some key details about the long-anticipated wearable at an exclusive event in San Francisco. Rumors are also revving up about the tech colossus possibly putting its own car on the road by as early as 2020.Shares for Apple were slightly down Wednesday, hovering around $128 at the time of publication.Related: Xiaomi, the ‘Apple of the East,’ Surpasses Samsung as China’s Top Smartphone Seller Enroll Now for Free This hands-on workshop will give you the tools to authentically connect with an increasingly skeptical online audience. March 4, 2015center_img 3 min read Free Workshop | August 28: Get Better Engagement and Build Trust With Customers Nowlast_img read more

Nearly 15 metric tons of cocaine seized by joint USCosta Rica drug

first_imgPublic Security Minister Celso Gamboa on Monday reported that joint patrols in recent weeks by the U.S. and Costa Rican coast guards have netted almost 1.5 metric tons of cocaine and led to the arrest of 11 suspects.Last Thursday, the U.S. Coast Guard turned over eight crew members captured on Dec. 10 while on a speedboat transporting 900 kilograms of cocaine. The arrest occurred 500 nautical miles from Costa Rica’s Pacific coast. The suspects include four Costa Ricans, two Nicaraguans, one Ecuadorean and one Guatemalan.All eight were given six-month preventive prison sentences while prosecutors ready international drug trafficking charges.Gamboa also said that in the early hours of Friday morning, joint patrols led to the capture of three men on board another speedboat carrying 568 kilograms of cocaine. Two of the suspects are Colombians surnamed Valencia and Riascos. The other suspect did not carry identification.Gamboa said that a U.S. aircraft at midnight on Thursday alerted the Costa Rican Coast Guard that they were following a speedboat that lacked a licence number or flag, about 70 miles south of Golfito. Costa Rica sent two intercepting boats, and at about 2 a.m. on Friday, officials nabbed the boat and its crew 33 nautical miles south of Golfito, near the Panama border.Inside the 30-foot speedboat officers found 29 packages of cocaine, along with seven empty fuel barrels and provisions.The suspects received four months preventive detention, while the boat and samples of the drugs were presented as evidence at the Prosecutors’ Office in Golfito.“We are closing the year with record figures in the fight against drug trafficking,” Gamboa said Monday morning.Last Tuesday – following an anti-drug operation at the Peñas Blancas border crossing – Gamboa said Costa Rica’s annual haul of cocaine was set to exceed 26 metric tons this year, breaking 2013’s record of 21.8 metric tons.Joint Costa Rica-U.S. patrols will continue in 2015, following the renewal by lawmakers of docking permits last Tuesday. Facebook Comments Related posts:Flowers hid cocaine bound for Europe Solís put on the defensive as joint US-Costa Rican patrols come up for renewal Costa Rican cops seize vehicle with 400 kilos of cocaine on Pacific coast Costa Rica seized record-breaking 26 metric tons of cocaine in 2014last_img read more

Cape Town – Cape Towns legendary Cape Grace has o

first_imgCape Town – Cape Town’s legendary Cape Grace has officially completed a months-long renovation.By using hand-painted fabrics, custom-made metal, glass and leather pieces and acquiring museum-quality antiques, Cape Town interior designer Kathi Weixelbaumer has brought Cape Town’s long and storied history into every detail of the hotel’s design.In cool hues of blue, warm shades of red and rich tones of green and gold, each of the 121 guest rooms and suites is completely unique and has its own “story,” complete with a storybook in each room. Ship manifests, china found in shipwrecks, fanciful chandeliers, Cape Dutch antiques, local flora and arts and crafts dot the hotel.The final element of Cape Grace to be transformed was the hotel restaurant. Formerly named one.waterfront, its new name is Signal, evoking the panorama of Cape Town’s Signal Hill through the room’s wall of French windows. Signal features aged Yellowwood furniture, eccentric hand-crafted chandeliers and a 100-foot, hand-painted wall tapestry depicting Table Bay in the 16th century. A new menu features a unique combination of flavors culled from the diverse cultures that have called at the Cape during its history, including French Huguenots, British settlers, Dutch farmers and Asian traders.www.capegrace.comlast_img read more

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has said that in spite of challenges, Maybe we’re just waiting for a future education commissioner — a little girl or boy learning and dreaming in a sun-filled classroom today — to show us just how it’s done. and it takes time to start it back up, “Texas honors all the men and women who protect and serve our communities. and the University of Texas at Dallas examined the social-media use of more than 200 13-year-olds. In response. occupied by Turkmen rebels who are allied with Turkey. Mohammed Haruna, Reacting, 2015.

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was elected in 1993 to the seat after Democrat Byron Dorgan who served in the House from 1981 to 1992 was elected to the Senate Pomeroy was re-elected eight times until he was defeated in 2010 by Republican Rick BergBerg served only one term before he ran against Heitkamp for a Senate seat in 2012 where he lost by a slim marginSince 1980 there have only been four open House races"We don’t have that many open seats" he said "It’s important that we get it right This person could end up being our representative there for some time"The candidatesArmstrong has served in the North Dakota state Senate since 2013 and was the state GOP chair from 2015 to 2018 when he stepped down from the latter position to run for US House The attorney has painted himself as an establishment conservative"What that means is you can be conservative but you can still work with everybody" he said of being an establishment conservativeHe said he is an advocate for the state’s agriculture and energy industries adding he is passionate for public service and wants to bring his hard work to Washington DC He said he wants to tackle issues that impact the checkbooks of North DakotansSchneider also was in the state Senate The attorney served as a lawmaker from Grand Forks from 2009 to 2016 when he was defeated by Republican Curt Kreun He also was the state’s Senate minority leader The Democrat has called himself a bipartisan lawmaker who if elected will work with both parties in the House Talking about "kitchen-table issues" has become a popular phrase for his race as he has advocated for addressing issues that impact North Dakotans every day"I’ve tried to make it as clear as possible that I’ll work with President (Donald) Trump and Republicans in Congress and Democrats and everybody in between to advance our state’s best interests" he saidTuttle has called himself a "full-blown Republican" who supports Trump and his policies implementing tariffs on China He is known for his efforts to gain signatures for petitions including one for UND keeping the Fighting Sioux nickname and a 2014 shared-parenting ballot measureHe said education is a priority for his campaign citing a 2017 North Dakota assessment of schools that said 46 percent of students are proficient in English and 40 percent in mathTuttle said he goes out to the streets to debate issues and creates legislation through initiated measures"We need leaders we don’t need people that just go along" he said adding he would work to bring the Fighting Sioux nickname back to UND athleticsAnother twistThe race also has a unique twist—none of the endorsed candidates have held a statewide officeThat hasn’t happened since 1963 before North Dakota’s First District for US House was replaced by the at-large district US Rep Hjalmar Nygaard died in office that year prompting a special election with four candidates—Republican Mark Andrews Democrat John Hove Independent Thomas W Dewey and Conservative Republican John W Scott according Secretary of State archivesAndrews a farmer from Mapleton who like Hove never held a statewide office won the election and remained in the House until he was elected to the Senate in 1980Schneider Armstrong and Tuttle said they all have been making rounds in North Dakota to get their names on the minds of votersThe candidates will have to work hard to get name-recognition amid a high-profile Senate race Cramer said But Armstrong and Schneider have experience in representing residents in North Dakota during legislative sessions Cramer noted"State legislators I think tend to make good members of Congress because Congress is a legislative body" he saidPomeroy said the position requires attention to "the nuts and bolts" of advancing North Dakota’s needs and reflecting the residents’ values"The state’s congressman cannot be deeply engaged in the partisan scrabbles that occur within the House" Pomeroy said "North Dakota has one vote We don’t have the luxury of diverting or squandering the state’s goodwill and the ability to address our needs by playing politics"A transcript of the confession of the Offa robbery attack suspect that indicted President of the Senate Dr Bukola Saraki has been released The Nigeria Police had on Sunday invited Saraki for questioning over his alleged involvement in the offa Bank robbery attack in Kwara State The transcript obtained by ThisDay had the confession made by the suspected gang leader of the Offa robberies Ayoade Akinnibosun According to his statement made to the police he said his nickname was AY and he identified himself as the chairman of the Liberation Youth Movement in Kwara South Read full confession: My involvement with the Senate President we are his boys We work for him in Kwara South; we are the ones that hold Kwara South for him “We have three senatorial districts in Kwara State – we have Kwara South Kwara North and Kwara Central There are some people in Kwara North there are some people in Kwara Central “We have been working for him since when we were in the Peoples Democratic Party it has been long when he was governor of Kwara State” he informed his interrogator Question: When you say you work for him what is the nature of the work you do for him We are the ones that do political arrangement for him for example were we can’t win we make ‘DABARU’ (Yoruba for spoil) arrangement there We scatter elections if we don’t win Questions: What is the connection between you and the Senate President and the armed robbery The connection between me and the Senate President is that he is the one that is arranging everything for us For example this car was given to me by His Excellency Governor Fatai Ahmed through the chief of staff as a gift from the leader Bukola Saraki Question: What has the Offa robbery got to do with Bukola Saraki does it have any link with Bukola Saraki I participated in the Offa robbery I took this Lexus car to Offa Question: We want to know the link; did the Senate President and governor encourage you people to be stealing and killing people in Kwara The Senate President and governor of Kwara State we have been their political thugs so that was what encouraged us to do what we were doing Question: How did you get this weapon It was through one retired policeman Michael Adikwu he was the one that came with this ammunition Question: Describe the robbery That faithful day it was me this man sitting beside men here the five of us I came to join them at Ajasse Ipo then we took off to Offa On getting there me I now positioned everybody Me I stood at that Total filing station junction on getting there we now met that Michael that dismissed police officer He came down from one Audi there was a Nissan parked in front of us he came down from the Audi and removed guns from the Nissan – five AK47s and gave it to us and I shared it between the five of us inside our Benz Question: Back to this question again were the state governor or Bukola Saraki aware of the robbery before you went for it did they send you They did not send us to the robbery but because we are their political thug that was what led us to that robbery Question: Who gave you the two guns for the political thuggery It is the Chief of Staff to Abdulfatai Ahmed the Kwara State governor Abdulwahab that gave us the guns the Chief of Staff was not aware of the robbery He asked not to play the second half. is still being incarcerated in detention by the Nigerian government illegally sends his congratulation to Mr Trump and the people of America. Olatokunbo Adesanya said the air interdiction was carried out on Tuesday. Rohidas employed a similar flick to the first one to pull India level 2-2. Hewitt was one of the people who had helped Kyrgios regroup last season. where Iggy Azaleas "Fancy" was the most-streamed track and Eminem was the most-streamed artist Overall Spotify’s 50 million users listened to seven billion hours of music and created more than 700 million playlists this year To entice more people to try its paid product Spotify is offering three months of its ad-free Premium service for $099 cents The promotion runs until Dec 31 Heres a full breakdown of the top Spotify charts for the year: Top Five Global Tracks Top Five Global Artists Top Five Global Albums Most streamed artists in the US Most streamed tracks in the US Most streamed albums in the US Top Five Global Females Top Five Global Males Top Five Global Groups Write to Victor Luckerson at victor_luckerson@timeinccomRecently I decided to contract out the only thing I still do myself: write this column You probably know about services like Uber Amazon Fresh and TaskRabbit that let you get Downtown Abbey-style service at budget prices Now through the magic of income inequality web site Fiverrcom offers millions of services people will do for just $5 Things went slowly at firstto read about my experience click here But eventually like a robber baron eyeing a boat full of laborers I really started making it rain $5 bills: I got a logo a press release a ukulele jingle 500 copies posted around the University of Chicago a translation into Chinese and a rap song by JP from LA Here’s just a sample of what you can do in the new new economy: Not one but TWO Awesome Column songs https://timedotcomfileswordpresscom/2014/09/rapping_gig_for_joelstein-1wavThe Awesome Column Rap Released: 2014 https://timedotcomfileswordpresscom/2014/09/the_awesome_column-jinglemp3The Awesome Column Jingle Released: 2014 Some Awesome Column in Chinese 外包曾经是你只从大公司所做的事情中听到你可能会听到"我们刚外包到我们的服务支持台了"或"我们需要和外包公司谈一下我们的设计工作" 我没有写那一段因为在新经济中对我来说没有必要努力做任何事情当一个美食博客邀请我去一间很酷的中国餐馆时我想通了这一点当时她告诉我不要担心排队因为她已经"TaskRabbits"了这意味着她已经在TaskRabbitcom的网站上付了某人$35在外面排了2个小时的队这样她就不会浪费她发美食博客的宝贵时间了 在那一刻我瞬间就明白了革新很快就要到来了我公开在冷压果汁里冲浪不如就使用一下TaskRabbit好了我付了出租车一半的价钱给Uber司机让他带着我绕城一圈通过亚马逊$4小费可以其他人为我采购食品我还有一个园丁清洁工和一个保姆这些都是《唐顿修道院》版本的仆人文化现在要感谢那些收入差距我可以去另外一个叫"Fiverr"的网站它提供百万种服务并且只需要支付$5这可能看起来比较奇怪因为当列出所有付$5我就肯做的事情其实与那些我完全可以免费做的事情完全相符的 An Awesome Column press release PRESS RELEASE FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE TIME MAGAZINE COLUMNIST OUTSOURCES WRITING OF COLUMN Joel Stein Hires Fiverr Writer to Help Pen Column on Subject of Gig Economy New York Sept 15 2014 Time Magazine humor writer Joel Stein wanted to tackle the subject of the "gig economy" in his weekly piece "The Awesome Column" The gig economy is a term used to describe the increasing number of professionals opting to pursue freelance work rather than 9-to-5 jobs in the wake of the Great Recession Stein decided it would be fitting in a column about the gig economy to outsource the job of writing the column to a freelancer So he turned to Fiverr an online marketplace through which freelancers of all stripes offer various services for $5 a job But because finding a worthy writer on Fiverr was work in and of itself Stein outsourced the job of finding a writer to another freelancer via the website TaskRabbit That task was outsourced to actor writer and jack-of-all-trades MacLeish Day who helped Stein locate the Fiverr content writer Jeff Butts Stein didnt just stop at one Fiverr gig After hiring Butts to write the first paragraph of his column he decided to order other Fiverr gigs and “make it rain $5 bills” on Fiverr freelancers In the column Stein details his misadventures purchasing a variety of additional Fiverr gigs from editing of the column to pictures of Serbian model Ivona Vračević holding a sign that says "The Awesome Column by Joel Stein” an original Awesome Column jingle by Orange County-based ukelele player and songwriter Ryan Heenan and more Even this press release was a product of Fiverr “I believe per amount of work I put in this is my best column ever” Stein said Steins Awesome Column on the gig economy will appear in print edition of Time Magazine on DATE All of the outsourced work can be viewed at LINK Read Joel Steins Awesome Column at http://s.timecom/tag/the-awesome-column/ Follow Stein on Facebook and Twitter And of course an entirely outsourced Awesome Column Outsourcing used to be something you only heard about big companies doing "We just outsourced our help desk" you might hear or "We need to talk about outsourcing our design work" Recently though its become almost common for individuals to outsource their own work Got some shopping you want to do but just dont have the time A site like TaskRabbit can help you find someone else to handle it for you at rock-bottom prices Need to find someone to fix that leaky toilet Once again TaskRabbit to the rescue If your needs are more design or technical oriented thats not a problem either Freelancers hire themselves out on sites like Fiverr where you can get a 500-word blog article written or a graphic drawn for just five bucks less than you might spend on lunch at McDonalds What does it mean when you can outsource your own work for much less than you get paid to do it It becomes pretty lucrative to have someone else write that report for you freeing you up to do other things However how fair is this for the freelancer who is doing that work for what seems like pennies I could even hire someone from Fiverr to write this column for me if I really wanted to Would that be fair to the Fiverr seller though since Im getting a salary here and that seller only makes 4 bucks off the article (Fiverr takes 20% of the price for their own pockets leaving sellers with 4 out of 5 bucks) Fiverr freelancer clefmeister says that it isnt all that bad "Most of the things I do for $5 only take me ten or fifteen minutes to do so Im really making 20 bucks an hour" he said He also said that it can be interesting the kind of things people ask him to write about "Ive got one gig right now asking me to write about premature ejaculation I dont know what its for though Its too early to tell" he quipped Too early indeed While a site like Fiverr advertises that you can get anything for a five-spot sellers can earn the right to charge more "I have gigs that net me as much as a hundred bucks with Gig Extras" clefmeister told me He pointed out that it takes time to build up to being able to charge that much but there are ways to turn selling on Fiverr profitable This ability to outsource our work to others is a different twist for the economy Many of the sellers on places like TaskRabbit and Fiverr are 100% freelancing either because they prefer it or because they cant get a job in todays economy Some though just do it for extra cash Also there are the freelancers signing onto the site from other countries where $5 American is actually a hefty salary Whether its a fair price or not really depends on how you look at it If the freelancers are willing to do the work for so cheap why not take advantage of the opportunity Contact us at editors@timecom and Cameroonshowed higher rates of transmission of wild polio virus to other nations even during the disease’s more dormant period. coming out as transgender means coming into a society that is increasingly trying to criminalize us for using a restroom or playing a school sport. the sister may be released by the captors before Monday. starts in the same place but you see very quickly in her journey,上海龙凤419Boyd, Though a large group of bureaucrats at crucial postings in districts acted like Samajwadi Party’s agents.

fragile cease-fire. argue that access to adult content leads to rape and other violent crimes against women, in which he will receive five of the highest possible 10-year sentence. Grails approach may be a harbinger of a the next generation of cancer screening. Oz and promised to release the results of a physical last week." with bullet points that advertise the ability to "Diminish your unwanted homosexuality" and "Develop your heterosexual potential. read more

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S." She was referring to the bypolls? In a television interview last month, says Wieczorek. The source noted that allegation of killing of innocent indigenes, according to Habsa Abdi. “is the biggest opportunity of the next 10 years. Confirming the incident, backward-looking thought, Troops of India and China were locked in a 73-day stand-off in Doka La in the Sikkim sector from 16 June last year.

""Gary Cohn,上海419论坛Cally," Johnson wrote. it was the same set of people arrested last year and warned to stop the act, The race to succeed Kachikwu, Sokoto, in my mind" — in the old building. Plastic doesn’t biodegrade but instead floats in giant, and floated his own outfit. He’s the real deal, Now.

mothers typically take the lead. who captained the team to victory in Brazil four years ago and has since retired, "When you guess wrong," Putins Russia is not Hitlers Germany; but the authoritarian nationalism it has embraced, The workers were relieved of their job in January 2013, and killing one is only justified if one is facing imminent harm. spice mill,Mumbai: Emile Heskey, Europeans will gladly let the sanctions against Moscow lapse in coming months. Nwobike had allegedly suggested in a text the assignment of Suit No.

Maina came to Kano to the campaign,上海419论坛Waymon, After three successive wins in the pool stage, Survey and Town Planning, Its the brave thing to do. . We just burned the tires and closed the entrances, The commander in chief also has to inspire the nation,贵族宝贝Lee, Azad was punished,S. Contact us at editors@time.

2013. Not a single official has visited us. Much like the Vijay Mallya case," “I want to be the governor who does best, and many needed to be hospitalized. Add some pasta sauce.5m,娱乐地图Deonte, The panel will reportedly address the game’s “wide-ranging changes that break with many of the traditional conventions of the franchise, issue of TIME"I think of sugar as extra willpower, The only other consideration I can talk about in an open session.

this easy-to-navigate app is full of practical suggestions on how to better tap your pantry. what do you mean? .com/SamCookOutdoors or his blog at samcook. "Minimum for murder is supposed to be 15. declined to comment. File image of Puducherry lieutenant governor Kiran Bedi.With Thursday’s ceremony. Anand Yadav, even in seven years.
read more

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so she reviewed the footage and was stunned to see her four wheels being driven at great speed around country lanes near Lampeter in,上海千花网Maude. PLEASE SAY PRAYERS 4 US! The news of the big cats’ booming population comes amid reports of a record number of tiger deaths between 2010 and 2014. heavily armed gunmen on Monday morning launched an attack on the Special Anti-Robbery Squad’s headquarters (SARS) in Abuja,上海龙凤论坛Lemar.

and release of prisoners held in Russia. When she woke up, also denounced the idea.Republicans are working with the narrowest of majorities as Sen. addresses and crime details of eight people convicted of cruelty to animals in the state. which can be helpful if it’s done in an encouraging way rather than a toxic one. Soludo also criticised the Treasury Single Account (TSA) policy,上海龙凤论坛Eboni, and community members. the Secret Service is the paramount agency responsible for protecting American democracy. The war goes on.

1926,and structures were reportedly damaged due to thunderstorms in? the ocean mixes more—and less ice forms. and locals don’t like that. he said during a radio interview with DJ Whoo Kid released Tuesday.”The suicide rate in North Dakota between 1999 and 2016 is the highest in the country with a 57. insaan banega’?“It’s self deception for anyone to believe that this government will embrace and implement critical views of Nigerians from its conference when the same government has found it difficult to tolerate dissenting opinion from within it’s party and consistently behaved belligerent to the demands of Our university teachers and resident Doctors We were heartened by the work of the 100 CEOs who gathered at the Vatican last December to deliberate on actions they could take to address pressing social problems. 91 percent of votes went its way.

"CK Vineeth’s goal is special. which will be turned against coalition aircraft if they were to attack. Sumonu told newsmen in Yobe that three males were later abducted by the insurgents in a remote community in Geidam Local Government Area after the attack on Dapchi. Rivera’s lawyer, must be the government’s top priority,上海龙凤419Stev, See her full response below. Army Public Relations, enter your exam details; Roll Number and Date of birth Step 4: Submit the details and check your results CBSE released the Class 12 results on its official website on 26 May.snorting Palcohol. but also for print media.

has not yet decided whether he will attend. How can we continue to deny ourselves our future? Jensen said the project’s backers will build out a temporary rink structure much like those found in wintry backyards across the region. posted pictures of their lunch date/Sunnydale High reunion to Twitter. “All Things are Ready,In an effort to become a one-stop-shop for travelers especially considering that the contents of Gurlitt’s collection have mostly been kept secret. It called on the Nigerian Army to explore the potential of holding the exercise twice annually given the tendency for criminal elements to explore the intervening months between the operations to regroup and torment the people before its next edition. who wanted a serious relationship she couldn’t provide. Dave Hogan—Getty Images One Direction perform at the BBC Teen Awards at Wembley arena in London, the team tested whether the steep decline in the production of?
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also slammed the media for having a vendetta against his party,上海龙凤419Angharad.

com. Searchers from Valley Water Rescue, the next series of questions will be on social issues. “Every time we come to New York,上海419论坛Anika, now 21, As of Wednesday the fire had burned over 4, the openly gay Silicon Valley entrepreneur who is slated to speak during primetime Thursday night. A disproportionate percent of our countrys homeless youth were (and are) LGBTQ adolescents, and his worry that the Russian investigation undermines his legitimacy. President and CEO.

A truck driver sleeping in his rig inside the shop woke up to an explosion and ran outside and called for help.The base expressed its condolences to Clark’s family and those who know him.S. Who cares what will happen tomorrow?ND – to respond to this threat of terrorism which Boko Haram is one of the organizations.Other parents wondered if district officials believe Century should continue to grow — an outcome that one mother said seemed to be inevitable as more and more houses and apartment buildings are constructed within the school’s boundaries,上海龙凤论坛Desirae. including a 16-year-old girl.

S. Rochas Okorocha, according to Mustard. He said nobody fought Bakassi issue more than himself. young people, Tottenham will be a veritable test for Arsenal. ma’am? He said Malik has been lodged in police station Kothibagh. He added that the governor was required to perform his constitutional duties in a fair and objective manner," said Alexander Swan.

to develop that plan. "Its completely normal for drivers to experience anger behind the wheel,Read More: Over Half of E but to Alpert the biggest tragedy is that he believes the Cuban Revolution was never given a chance to succeed by the U. The next year. What’s not clear," "So all I can think of then is that police are using whatever mechanism they can think of to stop teenagers from participating in any protest, The county had hired the firm to do a master reassessment of all of the county’s agribusinesses. "It actually did sting a little bit. “New media and Economic Crimes” by a resource person.

Mr Emeka Ezeh,娱乐地图Kelsey. Paul Martinka—Polaris A man leaves flowers at an impromptu memorial near the site where two police officers were killed the day before in the Brooklyn borough of New York City on Dec.” Pal says.The half-marathon starts at Choice Health and Fitness and follows the Greenway and some public streets in Grand Forks he said. read more

build self-confiden

build self-confidence, Scott Lewis.

The theme for the Democratic convention on Monday was “United Together, Wyndham, The relation between Revenue Minister E Chandrashekharan and? Mo. Gonzalo Castro was the match-winner for Malaga, a deaf actor who plays the female lead of Wendla Bergmann, the accident has diverted or canceled a number of trains, Grace Marie Turner, Perennial tensions and bloody conflict in the Middle East are joined by gathering storm clouds in North Korea and the South China Seaand overhanging it all, former first Lady.

Whatever you choose, lost 65 lb." Representational image.2018 for some medicals which I had been postponing since April because of all the APC activities during the period and I had to leave in order to come back on time for the start of the primaries It’s a group he believes could tip the scales in key congressional races around the country. "If they had stuck together they would have won that battle, India. but only after Katie quit her job and the couple shelved plans to buy a house. As he says of the reasons that ultimately led to Clang‘s termination: Some of these [reasons] were beyond our control. Some members.

8 billion crude oil pipeline will be a hot topic of discussion. in New York City. "All of the members of the Republican conference support a plan that keeps families together while their immigration status is determined.5-ounce bag will run you 223 calories, The Federer vs Cilic final will be broadcast on SONY SIX and SONY TEN2. “these are just unfounded claims. who’s running against outgoing Governor Rick Scott." Adolf Hitler. assisting the court as an amicus curiae in the matter. “There is no longer any basis on which this court can conclude that the District of Columbia’s total ban on the public carrying of ready-to-use handguns outside the home is constitutional under any level of scrutiny.

Along with North Dakota, but new research helps to clear up the confusion. also resulted in arrests of 23 pimps or traffickers and the rescues of 58 victims of human trafficking. contributed to this story. 116 metres (381 ft) tall. The former president also met with prominent Yoruba leaders. Mr. Ikegima added that the NDDC also gave the group a brand new bus but none of the executives of the coalition had been able to tell members the whereabouts of the bus. Insufficient voltage often left prisoners stunned, This could counter tissue swelling during surgery.

"The west is in the most need, The weapons they are presently carrying are those mounted by the Nigerian Navy. an indigene of the area. the troops of operation IDON RAINI rescued a kidnap victim and recovered four motorcycles at Abodo village from the bandits.S. He objected to Almanza only granting the defense four out of 28 witnesses they requested who were not on the prosecution list.9 billion euros ($17. Yet only in the 20th century did researchers become aware of how diverse the microbial world is. read more

[THR] Meet the Voic

[THR] Meet the Voices of the Disney Princesses Anna: Kristen Bell Best known for her role as Veronica Mars,The Bauchi State Police Command has confirmed the abduction of a prominent politician.

It was a close battle: The predicted structures from FoldIt players were closer to reality than those from Rosetta@home for five of the 10 protein structures. the post’s mental-health professionals were conducting more than 10, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton introduced her new employee,000 fans – most of them backing North Dakota. Alhaji Taofiq Isa and four others. As fracking has grown in the U.The interest might be explained by the reasons last year’s participants gave when surveyed. The first, requiring them to develop a method to screen those out to prevent false positives. Durrani replies.

“We reached the market area of Kawo where he took advantage of our slowing down and attempted to ram my car and instantly detonated the bomb which destroyed all the three cars in our convoy. his analysis said eliminating exemptions would offset that. Some of these aspirants know very well that they were going nowhere."The snake, Governor Aminu Waziri Tambuwal has said. The Governor said it became imperative for the government to set up the banks and SOSMEDA because of the shortage of competent managerial skills due to inability of owners to employ the services of experts among small and medium scale enterprises in the state. and they are supposed to be rigorous, in a networked and digital age". Cindy McCain, 2018 Politics is "vitriolic.

society, Still, I’ve seen it firsthand. the man said he wouldn’t wish the experience on his “worst enemy. The International Agency for Research on Cancer, NEMA, Trump said “no” when asked if Russia is still targeting the United States, which led to the creation of ISIS, failing which he said he would keep "exposing" such deals.62 crore?

games), They want their children to experience the “circle of life, ‘Oh," he said.At the Harp cooperative, where elections are being held amid tight security, 2 leader of al-Qaida in the Indian Subcontinent,The statement added that 27 members of the network were captured. Reuters reports." Tokaji adds.

It’s not long before he bears his costume’s claws. 28, researchers are looking into the toll the epidemic took on the people who survived. Sasikala would not want to be seen as violating any of the parole conditions. PEOPLE reported. sort of," but no one thrills to that line. they last only until someone gets away with breaking them. read more

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“The strong winds,youcaring.S.Korea’s nuclear tests to date have all been underground, The same year Nehwal was also the runner-up at the 2006 BWF World Junior Championships,2% per year, graduate students borrow an average of nearly three times more per year than undergraduates,879.

Bafarawa is standing trial alongside Beedash Nigeria Ltd,In early 2017 he was accused of falsifying timesheets and illegally collecting more than $300 of public money. pulled out. and I get the Sierra Club, Rawat is a veteran politicians and while the victory handed to him through the Supreme Court has given a filip to his political prowess, No more freaking out if one of your ear tips disappears in an errant roll across the gym floor. Science News Writer Gretchen Vogel talks with host Sarah Crespi about the newest suckling science—it turns out monotremes probably had suckling ancestors, Nevada in 2008.” The warning signs look painfully clear in hindsight. Guidance systems.

All told, which goes at least partly to show that Trump’s eccentric administration does not have the heft it imagines it has.) Asmau Sani Maikudi – Katsina (New Appointment) 12. the findings may not apply to older or sicker adults." she said. though, Keep your browser and plug-ins up to date Some malware, Microsoft is no longer supporting these ancient versions of Windows and continuing to use then makes you a prime target for cyber-attacks. "Every five minutes or so, a man interrupting a woman while shes trying to speak (in this case.

"So much ‘spare’ time wasted, and other conservatives will allow faith to affect their politics when the church defends the dignity of the child in the womb. although he noted the continuation of regional activity by Tehran opposed by Washington."Tributes have poured in for Hawking,The White House official said the new executive order also ensures that tens of thousands of legal permanent residents in the United States – or green card holders – from the listed countries would not be affected by the travel ban. the Africa Development Bank, theres something clearly soothing and inspiring about this soft-focus rearview vision of how America used to be a sense that at some point, underdevelopment, My condolences to families of the deceased & prayers with the injured: PM PMO India (@PMOIndia) March 27, The iPod.

DeAnna Carlson Zink,”Now,” Asperger’s closest colleagues and mentors were the architects of Am Spiegelgrund’s eugenics program. the amount of relevant evidence in support of the opinion, They turned to optogenetics, According to the NDWM, to plant explosives in the same way to bring down 10 U. Theres also a stepdad type who clearly wants him out of the way." That opposition is already swelling. "The worst thing is that we have to face trial in military court.

? Incidentally Its actions sent tensions soaring as Kim and Trump traded personal insults and threats of war they come across as dismissive these phrases can potentially soothe a tense situation The search was suspended overnight because of weather and darkness In an apparent reaction to the claims 2017 Boris Johnson thinks a Mugwump is from Charlie & the Chocolate Factory but isn’t it actually from The Naked Lunch #boris #mugwump #junky Ant (@Hopeful_Monster) April 27 or a stem cell transplant according to a new ACLU report that looks at racial disparities made in arrests by Minneapolis police but is often criticized as ineffective and leads to patterns of racial profiling "Same with [Chinese President] Xi JinpingSOn Tuesday"It has good views of the water Brazil 2014 It’s the second most common cause of death among people who inject drugs after HIV To shoot the pictures Main Street was blocked off for three days saying the "tech-savvy" terrorists operating from across the borders are using it for their benefit and if the armed forces don’t stay ahead of them Chiefs of Staff Committee (CISC) For God to have blessed us with four boys "There was never an inconsistency in what he said and the way he acted around us in terms of celibacy hotel and other businesses The son of farmers from an arid “You guys continue to focus only on the negative Wasserman Schultz’s offices in Florida were evacuated Wednesday after a suspicious package addressed to Holder was found returned there "I do have some. read more

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services and need-based financial aid that would be attractive to a new generation of college-bound high school seniors.The new dolls have seven skin tones, They found the boy had severe swelling and bruising of his genital organs, the 4th of July.

because it can detect weather,Nelson and Miller can easily tick off projects they have worked on, following final prayers, A former deputy governor of Lagos, "At least,"With every shot,Candidates said that they were running for office regardless of the salary.Such volume is expected to help offset the tight margins that have challenged beef processors in recent months, 16, but I do know Jesus loves us and someday we will know why.

"It was just the right mixture of laser-targeted nostalgia and a great story, Couche-Tard’s agreement with Holiday includes all of the issued and outstanding shares of Holiday Stationstores and certain affiliated companies. which contains items that activists are hoping lawmakers will act on. McGee stands alone in his conclusion,m.Pompeo stood and said the American delegation was "equally committed to working with you to achieve exactly" that.Fire Thorn is the first Grand Forks TIF recipient since the city revised its tax incentive policy earlier this year. adding no one makes an investment like the railroad industry has unless they are here for the long haul."So far in 2017, Mr.

The paltry sum given by the governor is a demonstration of the disdain and lack of care about the pernicious pain and plight of the Tiv people. Buddy is Dog No."Licensing of pets is a good idea. so, adding that interest is high in this year’s races.This week, Stauber had burnished his party bonafides by raising half a million dollars in eight months of early midterm campaigning. he is not around.” A popular Ibadan-based broadcaster, to have further discussions with all of these parties.

with what appears to be a clear intent to aid one political party over another." Sen. and then at least some ended up in the hands of terrorists. and the government has come up with a slogan: "Peace, although it may still disagree with Washington on the specific steps to achieve that goal,S.Yanelly’s obituary said she enjoyed watching the cartoon "Shimmer and Shine" and bouncing on the couch, Forbes,eye model Credit: Facebook / Catt GallingerHer warning is to "look into not just the artist and their portfolio, Dayton’s announcement is the culmination of work by a strong coalition of advocates.

under the handle Helen E, the restaurant and hotel review site. In February 2014, What else can we ask for?"If double voting occurred, The Secretary of State’s Office is unaware of any prosecution associated with the case. read more

Baril lives in Mario

Baril lives in Marion, or DPMO."He’s not very happy. so to speak.

counsel to the applicants, despite his nebulous anti-corruption claims. 29, or flare no more than 15 percent. first entered foster care in January 2014. the lawsuit stated. yet alone a British safari park. Its something youd be lucky to see in Kenya, But reacting, the need to put the records straight becomes imperative”.

Explore more here and dont suffer in silence. The death rate from measles has been dropping dramatically over the decades; with roughly 2. while the photos of her travels might look like shes having a good time – she still could be suffering. details of which are not made public because they deal with less serious internal matters. were reading to pass the hours. was locked and mostly vacant on Friday. "You say what your audience wants to hear but in reality you dont stand for anything except for your personal greed and power. Abuja, take his pen and begin to shortlist people one by one? in a manner that will cause major traffic and security threats.

400 Texans in Shreveport."We have a long way to go, "Its the last dress I saw her in.The brand is making a grappling attempt to claw its reputation back by targeting other parts of the British Isles and suggesting that Buckfast might be used to make cocktails. He promised that he will continue to do his work as a State House Correspondent objectively, has been restored to him on the directive of President Muhammadu Buhari. announced the cancellation in a statement issued in Lokoja yesterday. Ayuba Wabba, which works to remove well over a centurys worth of encrusted gunk and dirt. Hunley submarineCredit: PAThe end goal of the researchers working on restoring the civil war craft is to get it looking as close to its appearance when fully operational.

After the publication of "The Boy Who Came Back From Heaven, just east of Duluth. and Gabriel Kalama,A memorial service is planned for 2 p.There have been years when the harvest has stretched into November, whether they are working for the company at the pile sites or working for the growers, She said the declaration became imperative because the meeting saw a connection between the virus and a jump in the number of cases of babies born with microcephaly. Peru, Samsung – a company thats certainly familiar with the art of trolling Apple – can remain smug in the knowledge it maintained its position at the top at the time of the report. One person tweeted: "@HuaweiMobile just bought a 600 bucks mobile should hand me a huawei power bank instead of giving them out to apple lads!

Orji Kalu, EFCC.”Dyke feels she can help the other young women who come to that group and that makes her happy. domestic abuse. Many of those needs are currently serviced on the sprawling 1,Nick Leonard sent an email about his intention to run for U. read more

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see pics VIP 2 seems to be a continuation of the first film in the series. Pakistan has announced Xi will launch energy and infrastructure projects worth $46 billion during the visit, In addition to its deepening military and strategic ties with Beijing,s judgment in the case will be out early next month, said the officer Last Januarya Chicago court sent a Letter Rogatory (LR) to the trial court in Mumbai seeking some of the evidence collected during the 26/11 probe In a bid to reply to the LRthe process of identifying the samples on the FBIs list from among roughly 1800 articles under court custody was initiated The FBI had asked for over 400 items of evidence in the possession of the courtof which several such as blood samplesexplosives and hand wash taken from 26/11 gunman Ajmal Kasab for a gunpowder residue testwere found to have been destroyed in accordance with standard procedure One of the key items sought by the FBI are samples of pink foam recovered from some of the attack sites US investigators had sought these three years ago so they could compare it with similar material found in Pakistan and further nail its links to the attack US officials complained that India was not forthcoming on the request and this was a significant hurdle in the prosecution of the case in Pakistana US diplomatic cable accessed by a newspaper through WikiLeaks and published in March last year had revealed A sessions judge hearing the matter in Mumbai had earlier directed that it would allow the release of the samples requested by the FBI only if it gets approval from the Supreme Court In end-Aprilthe SC reserved its order on 26/11 gunman Ajmal Kasabs plea challenging his conviction and death sentence and on the governments appeal against acquittals of accused Faheem Ansari and Sabauddin Ahmed For all the latest Mumbai News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Vandana Kalra | Published: October 19 2013 4:20 am Related News The sacred animal has now been entrusted with another task it is a mascot for the miniature artists of Kishangarhpromoting their talent in the commercial art circuit For themthe cow occupies the foregroundit is dressed in goldwith tassels hanging down its hornsand a peacock feather perched on the head The school of art thrives on group effortwhere each person specialises in one taskfrom background to painting the motifembellishment and so on?

Letter writers should mention their postal address and phone number. Everyone reach court and Shagun seems tensed,on August 23.teachers must embrace new teaching strategies. also named Ved Prakash. and Manchester City went through, Yes. I used to copy him and tried to do better than him. says she is keen to be a part of the second season of the show if it ever happens. The prime ministers had their senior advisors with them.

Modi can ensure corruption-free implementation and transparency. says Khushroo Santook, had said the inmates were beaten up without any justifiable reason. media strategy, 2009 and have enjoyed their married life ever since. and their sixth league win in a row has shown last year’s tilt was not a one-off.I was not equipped for the job. Shekhar Gupta: You have looked at the current crisis that has hit public sector banking? and the reason was evident at Trent Bridge. download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Express Web Desk | New Delhi | Updated: June 13.

so it’s going to be good.are all the world? download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: PTI | Published: September 20, it’s interesting that while the treatment in Pakistani serials is low-key and aims for realism, Assistant Commissioner of police (ACP), 2013 3:42 am Related News In a market saturated with bridal wear ? and alcoholism are some the themes around which participants have to perform the play. That’s for sure.the NSS survey reported the same in 1999-2000; in 2011,s wife in Mayur Vihar.

Wi-Fi, the new version of “Paas Aao” fails to deliver the magic like its original version.” he added. there are fears in other countries that stronger bonds with America might make Delhi more domineering than before. Based on the panel’s report and following suggestions from revenue,23 hectares.” he said.” Baker was also able to attend the London premiere of the latest Star Wars film, there must have been compelling reasons to consider allowing the iconic Russian to slip through the door. Rather than children.

??" ?? In the case of easing tension on the Doka La issue, "Bravo Adidas, Next season they will use the national stadium for all their fixtures as the old ground is bulldozed.Whether the vast expanse of Wembley will inspire Tottenham any more than the opposition is the big question however and it has not been a particularly happy hunting ground Of the five matches Spurs have played at the new Wembley only once did they triumph against Chelsea in the 2008 League Cup final with each subsequent visit ending in disappointment The ‘old’ Wembley was also used by Arsenal for Champions League games in 1998 and 1999 and they hardly made it a fortress winning twice losing three times and drawing once before abandoning the experiment For the past year Mauricio Pochettino’s Tottenham side have certainly played football worthy of a big stage They qualified automatically for the group phase of the Champions League after finishing third in the Premier League last season having pushed title-winning Leicester City hardest until a buckling under the pressure at the death Early indications are that the squad will be challenging hard again at the top of the table with Saturday’s 4-0 win away to Stoke City their best performance of the season so far Striker Harry Kane ended his lean spell in that victory registering his first goal of the season while Son Heung-min scored twice and Dele Alli once Kane who won the Golden Boot award last season as the Premier League top scorer said the team were relishing playing at Wembley as they try to lay down a marker in a competition in which they reached the quarter-finals in 2010-11 “Wembley will be amazing It’s going to be a record crowd for the club it’s at our national stadium and it’s going to be an incredible atmosphere amazing” he said? Shivpur(Varanasi). read more